Summary in English

I hold a Master’s degree in Spanish and a Bachelor’s in English from the Copenhagen Business School. I am a certified translator and interpreter and over the years, I have accumulated expertise in general communication, marcom, IT and graphic design. My general knowledge is quite extensive, I have a wide range of personal interests and I read a lot in the languages that I know.

Before starting my own business, I worked as a graphic designer/communicator in international marketing departments.

Translation and copywriting

I translate from English and Spanish (and sometimes also from Catalan and Swedish, depending on the subject) into a fluent, contemporary Danish, primarily – but not only – within the following areas:
  • Movie synopses
  • Tourism and travel
  • Marketing
  • Food and culinary arts
  • General language
  • Journalism (newpaper articles)
  • Software and app descriptions
  • Graphics and drawing
  • Clothes and fashion
  • Literature (not poetry)
  • Adult content
I never translate subjects I do not understand. Nor do I write about things that I cannot fathom when I undertake marketing writing in Danish. If I do not feel 100% confident about a subject, I will not accept the assignment. However, I will be happy to refer you to those of my contacts who are experts on the subject. (I do not do sworn translations).

Writing texts and conveying messages have always formed an important part of my different jobs. I have written everything from technical descriptions, e-learning, teaching materials, presentations, marketing materials and web texts.

I am a fast learner and good at extracting the essentials. I write a fluent, contemporary and modern Danish targeted at the specific recipients.

For more information about my CV, check out my profile on LinkedIn (in English).
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